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Great Hollow Lake

Facility Information

454 Purdy Hill Road
Monroe, CT 06468

General Info
Monroe Parks and Recreation programs/activities take priority use. Check website for updates.

Covid-19 Summer 2020 parking is restricted to Monroe residents and Monroe business owners only with valid parking sticker or proof of Monroe residency/business ownership.

Park Hours
January, February: 7:30am-4:00 (both sides)
Second Sunday in March, April, May: 7:00am-sunset (both sides)
Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day: 7:00am opening, sunset close at lake side, 9pm close pool side
September, October: 7:00am-sunset (both sides)
November, December: 7:30am-4:00 (both sides) 

Rules and Regulations
1. Authority – Complete set of Open Space and Lake Area Regulations available upon request.

2. Admittance – Parking is restricted to Monroe residents or Monroe business owners only. To be admitted to the Great Hollow Lake area from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day each vehicle must have a current park sticker affixed to the left front windshield.  All facilities used at one’s own risk. 

3. Prohibited Uses – In addition to a ban on littering, pets and alcohol the following uses are strictly prohibited (unless specifically permitted by Commission or its assignees in writing):

A. Vehicles, Parking, Traffic
1. Operation or parking of a motor vehicle outside of designated areas (boat ramp area for vehicles towing or carrying boats only).

2. Operating in excess of 20 M.P.H. or in violation of state law.

3. Buses, trucks in excess of 4,500 lbs. and any type of off road motorized vehicle.

4. Bicycling on designated walking trails (except the rails trail), beach, patios or grass areas (park bikes in racks only).

5. Violation of any posted sign.

6. Parking or entering without valid yearly sticker or proof of current Monroe residency.

7. Entering after capacity has been exceeded.

B. Beach and Waterfront
1. Being in the water outside of the designated area for swimming or on the beach and all users swim at their own risk and must enter through main gate only.

2. Utilizing area during lightning or thunderstorms (entire area will be cleared from the first sound of thunder until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder).

3. Use by anyone under 10 years of age unless accompanied and directly supervised by an adult (minimum 18 years old).

4. Running, hanging on buoy lines, spitting, blowing of the nose, swearing, fighting, threatening, vandalism, horseplay, smoking, littering, gum, glass containers, bottles, model boats, grills or fires.

5. Beach balls, flippers, inner tubes, life jackets, face masks, snorkels, bubbles, water wings or any other type of flotation device (unless permanently part of a bathing suit).

6. Excessive loudness electronic equipment.

7. Infants and untrained children who are not wearing rubber pants and swim diapers in the water.

8. Bathing in water or any type of indecent exposure.

9. Throwing of any object or balls on beach areas except in area specifically designated for such use.

10. Carrying, towing or throwing another person.

11. Disobeying the instructions or warnings of park personnel and not following posted signage.

12. The usage of any photographic device in the locker rooms, bathrooms or shower areas is prohibited.

 Beach Wheelchair- A beach wheelchair is available.  Reservations are required. Contact the Monroe Parks and Recreation Department Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30 and Friday 8:30-1:30 at 452-2806.

5. Penalties and Enforcement – Violators of any park rules may result in loss of use without refund and/or be subject to penalties or fines.

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