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Masuk Pool Parties - (02) FEBRUARY

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Friday evenings 6:30-8:15 (pending Masuk swim team schedule) and Saturday afternoons 2:00-3:45.  Groups must reserve dates in advance with the Parks and Recreation Department. YOU MUST BE COMPLETELY OUT OF THE HIGH SCHOOL BY 8:30 ON FRIDAY EVENINGS OR 4:00 ON SATURDAY AFTERNOONS.

A maximum 50 people per group with up to two groups booked each date - this includes all children and adults staying for event.  Ideal for scouts, youth groups, sports teams, birthday parties, etc.

Two or three lifeguards from the Parks and Recreation Department staff are on duty at all times.  Groups must have one non-swimming adult (age 18 and older) for every 20 children to supervise locker rooms, pool deck, bleachers, etc.  Recommendation for groups with young swimmers - put an adult chaperone or two in the water.

All regular pool rules, regulations, procedures, etc. will be in effect at all times.  Copies provided to all groups upon request.  Flotation devices of any kind are prohibited (be sure all guests know how to swim).  Food and beverages are allowed in the bleacher area ONLY and all trash must be taken out with you.  Print out a copy of rules for all to have or if a party include with invitations.  If having food it is highly recommended that groups not mix eating and swimming.  Give your group a designated swimming time, have them dry off and change into street clothes and then feed them.  Those not heeding our advice have had kids get sick in the water, slip in the bleachers/stairs on wet concrete from the water that was dripping from bathing suits, had difficulty getting their guests to be in other locations at the same time, etc.

The departments cancellation (203.339.6106) will be utilized in the event of inclement weather.  Remember, on any day school is cancelled or has early dismissal for weather ALL activities are cancelled.

Coast Guard approved only life jackets are allowed.  No other floatation deceives permitted.

IMPORTANT INFO FROM BOARD OF ED As per the BOARD OF EDUCATION, beginning 3/20/13, no child is allowed to run up to the bleachers if they are exiting the pool. The must dry off on the deck or in the locker rooms. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck in street shoes. They must either take their shoes off or remain in the bleachers. 

If parents wish to meet their younger children on the pool deck, they may do so, only if they do not have street shoes on. There are no exceptions.

Please be aware that at any time the BOE can cancel our use of Masuk Pool.

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