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  • Refund Policy: Refund requests must be submitted in writing. They will be prorated and $10 processing fee is withheld from each program withdrawal. The balance will be applied to your household account to use for a future program. If the refund is due to medical reasons, a full refund will be issued as long as your request is accompanied by a doctor’s note.

    The Monroe Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to change schedules/locations as necessary and cancel programs due to insufficient registration or lack of instructor(s).

  • Not sure of exact class dates? On the program page click on the date range to see specific dates, times and locations of program.
  • REMINDER: If school is cancelled or is closed early due to weather, all programs scheduled for Board of Education facilities will be cancelled. However, the Chalk Hill and Senior Center buildings may still be available for activities. Please visit our website or call our information line at 203-339-6106 for information regarding its use.
  • Are you missing out on important notifications...make sure you have selected to receive email blasts. If you are unsure, please email us at and we will be happy to make sure this is set up.