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youth swim lessons

Masuk High School Pool

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Lap Swim Information September 8-July 30, 2015 (subject to change)
*UPDATED 3/10/15*

March and April: Monday thru Thursday 6:00-7:45; Saturdays 12:30-1:45
May and June: Monday thru Friday 6:00-7:45, Saturdays until May 16 12:30-1:45
July: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-7:45

All swimmers must be out of the building by 8pm weekdays and by 2pm on Saturdays. Saturday use only until May 16, 2015

All BOE programs/events have first priority of the pool.

Masuk Pool memberships are sold at the pool during the open swim times listed above. The fees are as follows: RESIDENTS: Adults (age 18-59) $50, Child (age 3-17) $40, Seniors (age 60+) Free NON RESIDENTS: Adults (age 18-59) $100, Child (age 3-17) $80, Seniors (age 60+) Free

Daily fees for non members: RESIDENTS: $5 anyone age 3-59 NON RESIDNETS: $10 anyone age 3-59

Payment for membership or daily fees is by cash or check only

CANCELLATION INFORMATION If school is closed for a holiday or inclement weather the pool is also closed.

Currently, the following dates are closed: September 17; October 13; November 1, 10, 17, 29; December 3, 22, 24, 27, 29, 31; January 3, 19, 24; February 7, 16, 17; March 14; April 13-18; May 15, 25; June 16, 17, 22,25, July 13, 14, 16

As we get BOE cancellations we will update

General Information
Is located at Masuk High School, 1014 Monroe Turnpike. During evening swim enter the pool from the far left side of school as you face the building from the main driveway. Go down either set of stairs and enter thru the locker rooms. Do NOT enter from bleachers.

The pool is 25 yards long, six lanes wide and ranges from four to 12 feet deep, has two one meter boards and the water is approximately 81 degrees. There are male and female lockers rooms with full sized lockers (usable for that day/night visit only), showers and hairdryers.

Spectators/non pool users can utilize the bleacher area which has a capacity of over 500 people that can be accessed from the upper hallway.

(RECREATION USE) Proof of Monroe residency is mandatory. All others pay non-resident rates.

To be admitted everyone must present their own valid membership card at the desk each visit or pay a daily fee. Full replacement charge for each lost card unless receipt or cancelled check is presented (see fee schedule).

Dates and times will be posted in the lower pool office window plus is available online.
* School activities have priority for pool use.
* The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to schedule lessons, meets, special events, adult swims and to limit the capacity or clear the pool area for health and safety reasons. The pool and locker rooms will be cleared from the first sound of thunder until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.
* Swimmers must totally vacate the pool 15 minutes before closing time and leave the locker rooms and pool gallery by closing time.

Lifeguards must be on the pool deck while pool is in use. See lifeguard(s) for all first aid needs. DO NOT VISIT WITH LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY.

Children under ten years of age must be accompanied and directly supervised in all areas by an adult (minimum 18 years old). Children over the age of six are not allowed in the opposite gender locker rooms (ask to use staff bathroom). Spectators and non-swimmers must remain in the gallery area.

No running, hanging on lane lines, spitting, blowing of the nose, swearing, fighting, threatening vandalism, horseplay, smoking, food, beverages (except water in shatterproof containers), gum, glass containers, coolers or bottles allowed in the pool area, locker rooms, showers, diving board or gallery.

No flotation devices of any kind (unless permanently part of a bathing suit) are allowed.

Bathing suits ONLY in the pool. Cut-offs, T-shirts or shorts are not permitted. Infants and untrained children MUST wear rubber pants and swim diapers. Bandages and bobbie pins are not allowed.

Diving board use restricted to those in the lifeguards judgement of adequate diving and swimming ability only. Do not adjust the wheel. NO running, side, backwards or twisting dives, hanging on the board or multiple bounces. Only one person allowed on the board at a time. Do not get on the board until the previous diver has reached the side of the pool. No head first diving in water less than 5’. Do not get on or jump off starting blocks.

Rinse and soap showers must be taken before entering pool. Persons with severe infections or cuts are not permitted in the water.

Violation of any rules including disobeying the instructions or warning of lifeguard or other pool personnel may result in loss of pool privileges without refund.

The usage of any photographic device in locker rooms, bathrooms or showers is prohibited.